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Terms of Sale
A $50 reservation will hold the kid of your choice of breeding for you. Breeder retains the right to first choice on all goats. Reservations are recorded in the order they are received, so please make your reservations early to get the kid of your choice. Breeder will evaluate kids born to determine if they meet Goat Hollow standards for sale. If the kid of your choice is not born or does not meet our qualifications for breed conformation, we will either apply your reservation money to a unreserved kid, hold the reservation until the following year or refund the deposit as you request. Goat Hollow kids come with ADGA registration papers. If a deposit has not been received for buck kids, we will apply for registration and send the papers to the buyer upon receipt of full payment. Prices are for goats picked up at Goat Hollow. At this time, we do not ship goats.
Any vet work, including health certificates are the responsibility of the buyer and must be prepaid. We do test for CAE and CL. Any further testing is at the buyers expense. All kids are guaranteed in good health at the time of sale. Since we are unable to control any stress that may occur due to transportation and entering a new environment, care and management, we cannot offer further guarantees. 
Kids are ready to pick up at weaning (approx. two months after birth), provided that they are browsing and eating grain. If the purchaser wants to pick up earlier and bottle feed, kids can be ready at four weeks. Most of our kids have been bottle trained even though they are dam raised. Kids have been started on coccidia prevention, wormed and CD&T vaccinated. It is the buyers responsibility to continue the needed treatments upon leaving Goat Hollow.
By making a deposit, you have agreed to the terms of this sales policy.

Sold Out for 2020 - Check Back in the Fall for Breeding Plans!