Goat Hollow
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Luxury for the skin you live in!
Made with milk from 
Goat Hollow goats
Price List
8 oz. Lotion       $10.00
2 oz. Lotion         $4.00
Lip Balm              $2.00
Shampoo Bar      $6.00 
Soap                    $4.00
Scrub                   $6.50
plus tax and shipping
Lotion Fragrances:
Tropical Vacation
Pina Colada
Cucumber Melon
Toasted Coconut
Peaches and Cream
​and more!
Bees Wax Lip Balm Flavors
Pineapple        Coconut
Strawberry    Pina Colada
Vanilla            Watermelon
​Chocolate       Butter Cream Frosting
Raspberry       Peppermint 
Soap Fragrances
 Oatmeal Cinnamon
Spring Fresh ~ Unscented
 Lilac ~ Cranberry ~ Honeysuckle
Blueberry Thyme
Activated Charcoal
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Lotion Fragrances
 Cucumber Melon ~ Energized
 Toasted Coconut ~ Vanilla 
 Unscented ~  Blue Citron ~ Lilac
Vanilla Noir ~ Honeysuckle
Twilight ~ Cranberry

Shampoo Bars Are Here!
Long lasting bars with loads of lather. Shampoo bars contain Argan oil, Neem oil, Fenugreek and other ingredients to leave your hair clean and silky.
Sugar scrub is made with powdered goat milk and will leave your skin smooth and exfoliated. Try it in Blue Citron, Energy, Cranberry and Blueberry Thyme
Soaking Salts and Shower Steamers Now Available!

Enjoy bath time more with therapeutic aromas. Citrus blend to revive, lavender blend to relax.