Goat Hollow
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Welcome to Goat Hollow!
Nestled in the North River Valley in Madison County, Iowa lies Goat Hollow, home to our small herd of ADGA registered 100% purebred Nubian dairy goats.
Here at Goat Hollow, we believe in raising healthy, happy goats. They are fed a combination of quality grain, alfalfa mix hay, and they have three acres to browse. Sometimes, they even get a treat!

Goat Hollow kids are dam raised and people handled from birth. Kidding usually begins mid April and we try to be present for each birth. 
Goat Hollow kids are tattooed and disbudded. 
They are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association. 
Goat Hollow maintains a CL and CAE free herd. Whole herd tested CAE and CL free 
Fall of 2023. Next test will be fall of 2024.

At Goat Hollow, we strive to breed goats with show conformation, udder capacity, ease of milking, personality and color
 Regular worming, hoof trimming and preventative care are an important part of our herd maintenance. 

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Whole herd G6S normal by test or by parentage.

Our Livestock Guardian Dogs do an excellent job of protecting the herd from preditors.